My Story

For as long as I could remember I had been an anxious soul, never believing I was good enough, lost in my own negative patterns and limiting mindset. The low energy and low confidence I had been living in through my teenage years and majority of my twenties had attracted so much suffering into my life, though I didn’t know it at the time. I attracted in unhealthy, even abusive relationships with men, jobs where I was undervalued, stressed and miserable, debt, addiction to drugs and alcohol and an unhealthy relationship with my self-image and food.


My life changed significantly when I first got into fitness. I had finally chosen to take control of my body and my life. Up until then I had absolutely no connection to or respect for my body. This was the first time I valued myself. This was the first time I ever practiced self-love and started to feel confident in being me!  


My life improved from this point on, but I was still lost, stuck in negativity and anxiety, living as a smaller version of myself. Not knowing what it was that I wanted. Thinking that everyone else had it figured out.


Life had brought me to Barcelona in Spain, where I was working as an English teacher. From the outside I had the dream life but, on the inside, I was desperately anxious and unhappy.


I could blame my job or my relationship but really it was what was going on inside that was creating this discontent. It was my lack of self belief and self worth that was attracting things that didn't fulfil me!


I couldn’t shake this feeling. This knowing, that there was more to life. That true happiness was possible. I remember reading a book on Buddhism, I couldn’t tell you anything more about it, I don’t even know where it came from, other than that it was the very first time I awoke. I realised that I was more than my thoughts and that I could be free from the pain and suffering.


Though I didn’t know it at the time, this was the biggest thing that had ever happened to me.


I find it beautiful to think that your whole life can change, can take on a completely new direction and meaning in a single moment.


This realisation led me to the understanding that my anxiety was so bad because I spent most of my time thinking about and worrying over the future. I was obsessed with the future, planning, and gong over scenarios in my mind. I thought it made me feel better, made me more organised and in control but I was doing this because I lived in constant fear.


I had spent my whole life missing out on the now. The only moment that really exists.


This had to change.


Something shifted. I started to believe in myself! This led to me investing in myself and in courses and classes, going to yoga, practicing affirmations, studying mindfulness, meditating daily, reading endless books on spirituality, the mind, the laws of the universe, fitness, how to build my own business and so on. I was obsessed but for the first time in my life I felt hope and excitement about the future and had started to develop the confidence to follow my dreams! I didn’t know how I was going to get to where I knew I wanted to be, but I knew that I had to start.


As I had always had a passion for fitness, I decided to start there. I went back to the UK, trained as a personal trainer and then moved to Australia. I had travelled there a few years previously and my intuition was telling me to go back.


Have you ever experienced such a strong sign from your intuition that there is literally not a speck of doubt in your mind about what you have to do? It comes out of nowhere but as soon as it enters your mind it makes complete and utter sense. You don't need to second guess yourself or worry about the decision because you feel totally confident that it's the right one! 


I had no idea why this made so much sense at the time, but it turned out to be the most perfect decision. The universe truly had my back.


I continued to work on my energy and mindset daily, working on loving myself and building my confidence. I set up my dream business Mindful Fitness and started running fitness and mindfulness sessions and worked in some of the most beautiful locations in Sydney – including my dream location on the beach. Arguably the best office in the world!


It felt like a miracle. From the moment I started to believe in myself and change my energy, I manifested amazing things into my life. A life in my dream location in Australia, my dream business, dream relationship, mentors, beautiful inspiring friendships, personal training jobs, holidays and so much more!


My whole life had changed as my confidence soared, through practices of self love, movement and stillness. I didn’t want other people to live like I had before this change took place. To not realise their potential; to not believe in their worth and to live unconsciously, controlled by their minds, in a state of anxiety, depression and low energy.


This is the reason I started my business, and this is why it has developed into what it is today. With the many techniques I have learnt and applied to get to where I am today, I coach people to develop true belief in themselves so they can also manifest a beautiful life they are worthy of!


I educate people on the importance of energy and connecting to the deeper parts of their being. I teach people how to connect to their body and improve their confidence through self love and intuitive exercise and eating!


I truly love my job and where the universe has brought me. I feel in total alignment with my purpose and if you let me, I would love to help you find this alignment and self-confidence too!


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See you there :)


Lucy xoxox