A four-month transformational 1:1 Coaching program to connect you to your inner powers and infinite ability to cultivate true happiness from Within



Do you have a feeling that there is more to life?


Something calling to you from deep down inside your soul – a knowing?


A strong desire to experience everything on a deeper and more fulfilling level?


… to live with greater purpose and meaning


You know it’s possible… you’re just not sure how…




You’re ready to Rise….


To step into your truth


… to start living as your higher self


to up-level your energy and your life!



Within is my exciting new 1:1 coaching program which gives you the tools and knowledge to align you with the highest version of yourself and teaches you to master your own happiness so you can live with purpose, peace and presence




What's included?


Eight coaching calls (fortnightly)


Eight personalised meditation sessions (fortnightly)


Training videos and worksheets


Everyday life action plan to put it all into practice


Any additional resources I see fit for your personal journey


Regular contact via WhatsApp for guidance and questions



The tools, techniques and knowledge that I will be sharing in this program are a collection of all the things I have used over the years while on my own journey - 


A journey that began with a strong desire to be happy and a knowing that it was possible


A journey that has comprised of many hours, days and months of personal development, meditation and spiritual practices, and many more spent understanding my energy, tuning into my intuition and working with the law of attraction


The teachings and guidance I am offering will open you up to a more spiritual path and a deeper connection to your powers Within


I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that this program can change your life if you are prepared to rise, show up, do the work and believe in yourself


My purpose is to share this knowledge with you in order to guide you towards accessing your powers Within


I am so excited for you that you are reading this right now because I strongly believe that you are here, reading this, for a reason and now is your time to Rise



Join me on this spiritual journey of awakening and transformation if you are ready to...


Reprogram your mind and let go of limiting beliefs 


Learn the power of being over doing 


Discover how to live with purpose and meaning 


Free yourself from your mind 


Discover how to work with energy, raise your vibration and manifest your desires


Find true joy and happiness Within


 Investment from £555 per month



Lucy x