1:1 Coaching


For those souls searching for personalised support in realising their dreams


Get to know your mind, body and soul at their deepest level


Finally get in the driving seat of your life and on the road to greater health, fulfilment, peace and presence!



Premium Mindful Fitness Coaching


Do you want...


To experience profound changes in all areas of your life?


Regular and consistent coaching and support?


Mindfulness and meditation training?


Fitness and posture coaching?


A bespoke program to help you achieve your personal goals?


The tools to manifest in the life of your dreams?



 Premium Mindful Fitness coaching is for you if you are serious about getting from where you are to where you want to be and living life as your higher self.


There is a 3-month minimum commitment to ensure you get transformational results!


If this resonates with your soul keep reading to find out what's included...



Mindful Fitness Transformation Package




Detailed posture analysis


A personalised fitness program through True Coach


One 30 minute fitness coaching call per week to go over form


A personalised mindful mindset program


One 1:1 virtual yoga and meditation session per week (optional)


One mindset coaching call per week (spiritually minded option available)


WhatsApp contact for any day to day questions 


Personalised weekly guided audio meditations


You will...


Achieve more than just your body and fitness goals through your training sessions


Learn how mindfulness can help you get stronger in your body and mind


Learn about mindful eating, gut health and intuitive eating - continue to eat the foods you love! 


Push through your limits mentally and physically


Fix pain and discomfort in the body through posture corrective techniques built into your training sessions


Learn the power of presence through meditation and yoga


Develop the skills to deal with anxiety and stress


Get clarity on what's holding you back and the tools to combat limiting beliefs 


Receive motivating and inspiring coaching calls


Take control of your body, your energy and your life!



Choose the spiritually minded coaching option and


You will...


Learn about the universal laws and how to use them to achieve your goals


Be trained in how to get into your powers of manifestation and how to use fitness as a manifestation technique


Develop your intuition and ability to speak to and receive messages from your inner guidance


Be taught about your energy centres and how to open blockages


 All coaching programs are bespoke to the individual and will be adapted depending on your circumstances and constraints and what I feel will get YOU the best results



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I also currently have a few spaces open for 1:1 Fitness only Coaching sessions in the Royal Wharf area, London!