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Our vision is to help people upgrade their energy, connect to their body and spirit and attract in the life of their dreams.


Energy is your currency in the world and all our services are here to help you attract in an abundance of good energy!


We offer online Mindful Fitness Sessions, Group and 1:1 Coaching and Courses and run Outdoor Fitness and Mindfulness Events.


Through our Mindful Fitness Sessions we aim to bring life-changing habits into one place and make them accessible to those open-minded souls who are enthusiastic about getting stronger - physically, mentally and spiritually and searching for consistency and accountability in their practices! 


Mindful Fitness is not your average fitness class but a community of like-minded souls who are dedicated to living as their higher selves.


If this sounds like you take a look at our beautiful new timetable and book a class in now!


If you're ready to dive straight into some coaching check out our 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching options now or book a clarity call!