Group Coaching


Eight Week Meditation Course 


Starts 2nd November 2020!


Eight Weeks


  Four Half an Hour sessions per week


Each session will be held LIVE via zoom, but will also be recorded to give you the opportunity to watch back as many times as you like or catch up if you can't make it to the live session!


In each session we will practice and explore life-changing techniques and philosophies and you will learn how to integrate them into your day to day life.


  Each week will focus on a different topic and there will be daily challenges to encourage you to make mindfulness a part of all aspects of your life. The techniques will help you to overcome things such as stress and anxiety and show you ways to enrich your experiences giving you a more fulfilling and peaceful way to live.


  This course will offer you accountability in your practice and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and be part of a community of aligned souls. We will all show up together to practice, take time to work on ourselves, reach new levels of consciousness and raise our vibration with one another.


Course Content 


Week 1 - The Breath


The power of the breath, how to use it to anchor yourself to the present moment, energise the body and transcend thought


Week 2 - The Body


Learn to connect to the body, let go of stress, process emotions, and welcome more aliveness and presence into your life


Week 3 - Visualisation


Discover the power of visualisation, to manifest your dreams and create the feelings you desire in the now


Week 4 - Mantras


Learn how we can use different types of mantras to retrain your brain and welcome in new levels of consciousness


Week 5 - Gratitude


Discover how to harness your greatest super power to attract in abundance and shift your focus and feelings to positivity and love


Week 6 - Letting Go


Explore the life changing act of letting go, how to make it a habit and use it to get into alignment with the flow of life


Week 7 - Dealing with Stress & Anxiety


Practice techniques and visualisations and discover new perspectives to deal with overwhelming situations


Week 8 - Mindful Listening


Delve into the art of mindful listening -transform your relationships and enrich your experiences




Empowered Soul Group Coaching


Empowered Soul will launch in January 2021!


This is a very high end beta program, packed full of value, being offered at an incredible price!


For the human is is ready to up-level their mental, physical and spiritual energy and start living their life with passion and purpose!


Empowered Soul will accelerate you towards your dream body, dream life and empower you to finally start living as your higher self! 



Are you ready to.....?


Finally discover your true passion and purpose and get some direction in your life?


Take control of your energy and your emotions so you can finally manifest what your heart truly desires?


Free your mind and soul from overthinking, negative and anxious thoughts?


Step into confidence, let go of fear and start living as your higher self; energised, inspired and in alignment? 



Empowered Soul is an opportunity to upgrade your life and attract in the abundance you deserve!



What's included?


One 1:1 intensive coaching session


A 6-8 week step-by-step coaching program with guided meditations, video trainings, downloadable resources and activities and more! 


Weekly live group coaching sessions via ZOOM with a Q&A (catch up later if you can't make it!)


High Vibe Facebook Community for questions, inspiration and connections with beautiful like-minded souls.


24/7 access to me via Voxer for any questions about the course or anything related (Voxer is a real-time voice-note app.)


Plus I'm throwing in an incredible FREE bonus (worth £232!)...


Unlimited access to Mindful Fitness Virtual sessions for 8 weeks!!!!


An opportunity to join high vibe fitness and mindfulness sessions from anywhere in the world.


Raise your energy, work on your fitness and practice and learn about mindfulness and meditation!


Check out the timetable here!



In Empowered Soul you will learn...

How to train your mind to peace and happiness through various meditation and mindfulness techniques


How to take control of your energy and emotions


Manifestation techniques


How to live with meaning and discover your purpose


To love yourself and your body!


The power of connecting to your body and utilising your intuition 


Universal laws and how to use them to start living as your higher self!


How to identify and let go of limiting beliefs


And so much more....!


If this resonates with you and you'd like to learn more get in touch with me now and



or trust your instincts and


Book now!