Lockdown Packages


We are offering a range of four week lockdown packages designed to help you stay active, healthy and happy throughout this time


Choose from online or in-person packages


Choose fitness, mindfulness or a combination of the two!


However you want to feel we have a package that will suit you - we want to help you stay balanced in your mind, body and soul



Mindful Fitness Four Week Packages


We want to motivate you to keep moving, get outdoors and not wish away the next few weeks, but rather embrace them!


Our aim is to help you to get stronger, physically and mentally and become a happier and healthier version of you


But more than anything we want to create an experience where you can have loads of fun, be present and embrace your body and your life!


You deserve this! 


1:1 Personal Training Investment Options

In person - Royal Docks parks, or online

45 minute sessions


1 session per week - £240 - Buy Now (4 week package)


2 sessions per week - £456 - Buy Now (4 week package)


3 sessions per week - £660 - Buy Now (4 week package)


Add a personalised mindfulness/mindset program to your fitness training for £50 (coaching calls additional) - Buy Now


Online Mindfulness Coaching Investment Options


Meditation Coaching - One half an hour session - £25 - Buy Now


Mindfulness Four Week Program - one weekly coaching call including meditation training and a four week personalised mindfulness/mindset program - £240 - Buy Now (4 week package)


If you'd like to find out more about how Mindful Fitness can help you please feel free to book a free 30 minute clarity call....



Lucy x